An age-old concept rebranded for the modern world.

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I want to preface this by stating that the goal of this write-up is not to force some type of indoctrination — instead, I want to have an open conversation on the correlations that may exist between the actions/advice we have been getting in the modern world on mindfulness against…

Why it is Important to be Intentional

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Today I had banana bread for breakfast. The same one that I’ve been eating, but what’s different today was that I was just eating my banana bread and nothing else. No YouTube or Netflix to watch, no scrolling through Instagram — it was my breakfast and me.

When was the…

Why it’s important to clean up your digital lifestyle

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As we extend our footprint from physical to the digital world, how many of us have glanced back at our devices and checked out what’s stored in there? Our computer folders riddled with documents that we most likely forgot exist; folders filled with photos, videos, and files that probably will…

Nabil Sutjipto

Digitizing Indonesias healthcare one microservice at a time. Currently engineering my life with real life lessons.

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